1. Initial contact and preliminary consultation- Made via the platform of your choosing (phone, text, facebook)

2. Face to face free consultation with our lead event decorator includes the following:

  • Defining your vision – Some clients have a vision already in place while others have none. This step is a discussion that helps sharpen your ideas into what you really want your day to look like.
  • Filling in the gaps – To clear up confusion we’ll discuss what you’ve got and what the venue is providing so that we know how to best serve you
  • Outlining the day – Starting from scratch we’ll refine and outline all your needs so that nothing is missed.
  • Tailoring to suit your budget – Budget will be discussed and directed to the areas most important to you so that we can maximize what you have to spend
  • Providing creative design ideas and other resources – We can discuss optional vendors and provide you with contacts which may help you
  • Sourcing materials – if we don’t have it we’ll do our best to get it

​3. Providing a Quotation – Once the face-to-face meeting is over we will put together a comprehensive quote with a full price list tailored to your day. Every item is listed so the person can make an informed choice, and there’s no obligation whatsoever.

4. Meet at the Venue – Wherever possible we will meet at the venue or another central point for an informal chat and answer questions or discuss any changes.

5. Sign the contract – Once the details are decided and agreed upon the contract terms will require a 25% deposit down, and the remaining 75% is due 4 weeks before the event.